The internationally acclaimed “Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial” (FOSS4G) conference is OSGeo’s annual global conference held in a different city each year since 2004. The annual FOSS4G conference is the largest global gathering focused on open source geospatial software. Regularly attracting over 1,000 attendees, FOSS4G brings together developers, users, decision-makers and observers from a broad spectrum of organizations and fields of operation.

Through six days of workshops, presentations, discussions, and networking, participants create effective and relevant geospatial products, standards, and protocols. FOSS4G has been held all over the world and draws attendees from over 40 countries.



Calgary has a strong pool of talent in geospatial technologies, data analysis, data visualization and systems integration. The city also boasts several world-class research institutions, progressive legislation and an entrepreneurial mindset that is driving this technology forward. Calgary’s strong geospatial community is represented by a variety of organizations ranging from meet-up communities to certification organizations and legislated bodies.

Calgary is a North American hub for geospatial science and is home to the headquarters of over 25% of Canada’s geomatics, navigation and global positioning firms. Local companies include Garmin Canada, NovAtel, Intergraph, Hemisphere GNSS, and over 50 SMEs engaged in development and commercialization of geospatial technology. Companies in Calgary are utilizing geospatial computing technologies, in sectors such as oil and gas, agriculture, construction, film and television and logistics.